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I get my geek news from Slashdot. I also read Bruce Schneier and The Oil Drum.

I get my real news from KPFA, especially from Democracy Now. CNN doesn't show much news on TV any more, but their web site sometimes has some. The Guardian and Al Jazeera have international news.

I get some local news from SFist, 48 Hills, the SF Weekly, or SF Examiner, For sensational stories about dog bites, the weather or PG&E press releases, check out the Chronicle/KRON web site. More local news is in The Mercury News.

Liberal news (mostly editorial) is at (Censored) Dreams. I also read blogs by Dahr Jamail, Juan Cole, Glenn Greenwald, Tom Tomorrow, and Tom Engelhardt, as well as the nearby Distant Ocean and A Tiny Revolution. Some Green blogs I read are Green Party Watch and CA Greening. I also read about bad burritos and candidates at FiveThirtyEight.

Local political news is in Hoodline, The SF Phoenix, Fog City Journal, CitiReport, and the taxpayer-funded propaganda outlet

My neighborhood is covered at Mission Local, Burrito Justice, and Mission Mission.