Stroller, about 1 week before birth

Another shot of stroller

Erika being admitted to hospital at around noon, after having started labor at around 2 in the morning. Baby monitor visible under wrap on stomach

Erika admitted to hospital, given epidural anesthesia

Erika with the monitoring machines

Getting ready to push

Closeup of belly before pushing

After 3 hrs of pushing, doctors recommended a c-section at around 8. JM had to wear scrubs to be in the operating room

Amy being pulled out of Erika's belly; most of her is hidden by the doctor's hand

Amy naked on the internet for the first time. Her umbilical cord is visible around her foot.

Amy is moved down between Erika's legs, and her cord is about to be cut.

Cord gets cut

Amy gets moved over to a side table in the OR and gets cleaned up

Amy given some oxygen

Somebody holding her up

Another shot

Doctors attach a security device to her cord that sounds an alarm if she leaves the floor we were staying on

Bundled up and visiting Grandma Terese on the way to the nursery (at this point, Erika is still getting sewed back together)

Getting tagged and checked out at the nursery

Screaming after getting a shot

8 pounds, 1.7 ounces at the weigh-in

Getting her hair washed and a bath

Diapered and vaccination records attached

Cute face, without the Horvath nose

Dressed up

Finally taken back to mom for a meal

Held by dad

1st family photo

Held by mom in recovery room, where we stayed for 4 nights

Ready to go home from hospital

Another shot

Chewing on her blanket

Mom also ready to leave

Another shot

Amy at home in her co-sleeper