One of many cows in the area; a herd of these on the bike path was the only significant traffic I encountered.

This is the Orchard, a tea house in Grantchester. Grantchester is a village near Cambridge best known for the poet Rupert Brooke, who wrote a helpful guide to the local people.

Grantchester traffic laws

Enforcement similar to SF

The walk from Cambridge to Grantchester, along the river. Beware of cows.

Device used to prevent unauthorized cars from driving into the Cambridge city center. Taxis, buses, etc can get through.


Jesus Lane

Bike-friendly traffic lights

Bike lanes on all busy streets (and strange eating habits)

Traffic calming: a 1-lane bottleneck in a 2-way residential street

Trinity College

The river behind Trinity

Don't walk on the grass

King's College

Round church (contained an interesting propaganda display blaming progressives for all the 20th Century's problems)

Parking costs almost $4/hr, and there is one pay station like this for several on-street spaces. Drivers buy a ticket to put in their window, rather than putting coins in a meter.

More King's College

St John's College

"Bridge of Sighs" @ St John's College

Most busy streets have a bike lane on the sidewalk on one side. It is often divided with a line to separate pedestrians on one half of the sidewalk from bikes on the other. The sidewalk on the other side of the street is narrow and doesn't have a bike lane, so bikes can go in both directions on this side. Many streets like this also have bike lanes in the street.

A lot of the bike and pedestrian paths also have signs on them.

This was my morning commute: this section had a community garden on one side and some sort of canal (apparently formerly part of the City's water supply, connected to the river) on the other.

There must be a pony in here somewhere...

The pony (no, you can't have one)

Building parking garages for commuters at the hospital

The CPE building, part of the MRC where Alexey's lab is. This map should show where the lab (part of Addenbrooke's Hospital) is relative to Cambridge.

A larger view of the MRC cluster of buildings

View South from the MRC staff lunchroom

View North (towards Cambridge) from the MRC staff lunchroom. The tower on the left side is a church on the edge of town, and we're a little over a mile away.

Newton's book in the Wren Library, Trinity College

More Newton stuff

Inside the Wren Library

Outdoor sundial clock. Very "old school."