This is us at Point Reyes, near the lighthouse, a few days before Christmas

This was the backup picture for our Christmas cards

This was the picture we used in our cards. JMC uses the Vulcan nerve pinch to get Amy to stop screaming

The lighthouse at Pt Reyes

Amy in a good mood on Christmas morning

Deer at Point Reyes

Bush-bashing gift from Pat Gerber


Another deer

Amy smiling

Amy with Ahimsa Sumchai at the Green Party party

Another picture with Ahimsa

Amy held by H Brown


With H and Mark Sanchez. Luke Thomas in the background



More Green Party party

Jazzie Collins behind Amy

Howard Grayson from the Milk Club holding Amy


Marc Salomon holding Amy

Sue Vaughan holding Amy

Christmas07 22

Christmas07 23

H, Ross, Luke, and Marc

Christmas07 25

Christmas07 26

Christmas07 27

Christmas07 28

One double graham, an essential part of making Kiflis and Kolach. For more info on the following pictures, see my recipes page.

kifli 08

kifli 09

kifli 10

kifli 11

kifli 12

kifli 13

kifli 14

kifli 15