Polo Beach in Wailea

Another picture of same beach. The island in the background is Kahoolawe.

Hippie rock maze near Nakalele blowhole

Surf hitting rocks near blowhole

More surf

Lava peninsula near blowhole

Rocks with holes from volcanic gas

More interesting looking rocks

Erika standing by blowhole

Another shot

Blowhole when it's not blowing

Another shot

A shot from up above

Rainbow over hippie maze (same as above pic)

Us standing near blowhole

Another shot of same

Kapalua beach

Picture of Molokai from Kapalua beach

Hookipa beach

Surfers waiting for a wave at Hookipa

Nice vegetation on Waikamoi Nature Walk (on road to Hana)

Interesting vines

Lobster claw flowers

Pretty flowers on trees

Plants growing in the Keanae Arboretum, off the road to Hana

Flower in Arboretum

Another kind of flower

Eucalyptus trees with colorful bark

Waves on the Keanae peninsula

More waves

Erika standing on rocks

More pictures of trees and water near west side of peninsula

More of same area

More of same area

Plants on Keanae peninsula

Another shot of Keanae

A look down from the highway at some farms

Closer pic of the orange flowers on trees along Hana Rd

Volcanic cinder cliff above red sand beach in Hana

Red sand beach

Another picture at beach

Red sand in water

Area near beach is protected by rocks

Red sand beach, from path to beach

Path along cinder cone to red sand beach

Pools of Oheo in national park

Ocean past the pools

Nice views along south side of island

South coast is still mostly farms

Cows in road along south side

Rocks from lava flow on south side

Boat trip to Molokini. We went snuba diving and took about half the pictures in the underwater section

Another picture from Molokini boat

Clear view of East Maui from boat

Tour boats at Molokini. One of these sank the same day we were there, but after we left

In the middle of the crater ring

Another picture from inside the crater ring

Picture of West Maui from boat

Another picture showing the windmills

Sea turtle swimming in water near boat

Maalaea Harbor, where most Molokini boats leave from

Picture of other boats in harbor

A nene (like a Hawaiian chicken) in the parking lot on top of Haleakala

Silversword plant blooming in park on top of Haleakala

Another silversword plant, not blooming

Observation deck at summit

Observatories at summit

Crater near sunset

Us standing at summit

View down from summit

Another view of colorful rocks inside crater

Some sunset shots. I'm trying to figure out which camera settings are best at capturing the colors, so there are a lot of these pics

Shadow of mountain on clouds behind it, at sunset

Near sunset, most of the clouds cleared and Lanai and Molokai were visible, as well as some of the West Maui coast

Nice colors at sunset





Hill with observatories, after dark

Another shot of sunset colors

Another shot

Mokuleia Bay, with some of the best snorkeling on the island (besides the Fishbowl, which we didn't want to carry the camera to). The other half the pictures in the underwater section (the more murky ones) were taken here.

More swimmers and snorkelers in Mokuleia

Kahekili Beach Park

View left towards Black Rock from Kalekili Beach

Sunset at Kalekili

Another sunset shot

Pretty sunset colors

The last 4 pictures are of our rental car, which was rear-ended by an uninsured local driver.

The back end had the most damage

More back end damage

Broken tail light