Yellow fish in the water at the black sand beach

black sand beach, with turtle in the water

Coral with grey fish. The rest of these shots are in the bay near the Refuge (down 11 along the south Kona coast, south of the Captain Cook monument). This is a good place to snorkel because there is a lot to see right next to the shore. The snorkeling is better by the monument, but you have to swim 1/2 mile to get there or rent a kayak for $40 and up.

more cool fish

lots of fish.

just coral

fish hiding in coral

another yellow fish

a bunch of yellow fish, from a distance

eel and some yellow fish

same eel

eel with big puffy fish

same thing, with some skinny yellow fish

bunch of fish schooling together

chasing the same fish

black fish

shot of shallow water, with lots of fish

a bunch of fish

things you don't want to step on

fish in deeper water

cool rainbow colored fish, from bad angle

too much light in this shot

some long, skinny silver fish

closeup of same

sea turtle swimming underwater, close to coral