Cactus in Joshua Tree Park

Rocks in park

Lake in park, behind man-made dam

A Joshua tree


Close-up of "fruit" on Joshua tree

Cottontail in the park

Another shot of the bunny

More of the park

Nice rock formations formed by erosion

Some kind of yucca-like plant

More plants in "hidden valley"

Cacti and other plants

Valley floor with lots of Joshua trees in park

Overlook from high point in park; we could see the Salton Sea in the distance, but the camera wasn't good enough to capture it

More park views

Another shot from the overlook, looking roughly towards Palm Springs

A rock that looks like it's about to fall down

A rock that looks like a skull

"Cactus garden" in the south end of the park. This part of the park had no Joshua trees

Close-up of flowers on cactus

Oasis at the south end of the park.

Part of the oasis where the spring comes up out of the ground

Nice sunset near the oasis

Erika and JM back at the hotel

Erika's dad and Robin back at the hotel

Palm Springs Tram

View from inside tram car

View of Palm Springs from upper tram stop

View of bottom tram stop, from inside tram

Valley floor below tram

Windmill farm in Palm Springs

More windmills

Another shot from near the "Sonny Bono Expressway"

Pyramid Lake, north of LA, on the trip back