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I'm an active member of the Green Party. Here are some links:

In 2000 in CA, we supported Global exchange founder and consumer activist Medea Benjamin for US senator. Here are some pictures of me at a protest to get her included in the televised debates.

Medea didn't get in the debate (or win the election), but we did inspire (now Supervisor) Matt Gonzalez to change his party from Democrat to Green. Here's a really good essay he wrote about that experience. Candidates we supported (Matt and some liberal Democrats) did very well in the local elections.

Informative guides to the Right: Discover Your Momma's Network and Discover the Nutwork.

We're interested in campaign finance reform; here are some links to sites that track campaign contributions:

Here's another good essay by Thoreau on Civil Disobedience.

Here's a link to some Z Magazine interviews.