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New (and old) pictures are here

More baby pics.

Pics of Amy at Emma's 2nd birthday party.

More misc pics.

Lots of baby pics (some very similar shots).

Christmas 2007

More baby pics.

Thanksgiving 2007, in SF with Grandpa Jim and Robin.

More baby pics, posted 11/19/07. No password for these.

Amy Elizabeth Chandonia, born 10/26/07. Call JMC for password to view pictures. Don't ever send passwords by email! I just changed the password to switch the first 2 and last 2 letters.

Baby Shower. Pics were also in Fog City Journal.

Trip to Midwest (Michigan/Iowa) in August 2007

Arches National Park, 7/23/07

July 4, 2007 at the Mime Troupe

SF Pride 6/24/07

Summer 2007 Misc

Easter 2007

Fake Question Time in the Mission, 3/26/07

Trip to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park, 3/10/07

Impeachment event at Ocean Beach, 1/6/07

Christmas 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

JMC in Beijing, October 2006

Hawaii (Maui) trip, September 2006

Lassen National Park, National Forests, and Lava Beds National Monument, September 06

Pics from Diamond Lake and Indiana, August 06

Pics from Erika's mom's visit, July 06

More pics from tabling at the Mime Troupe

July 4, 2006 at the Mime Troupe

SF Pride, 6/25/06

Haight St Festival, 6/11/06

Mt Diablo, 5/28/06

Los Cabos, May 2006

Peace Rally, 3/18/06

Damage to condo from sidewalk parker

Green Party for Peace, Jan 26 2006, and more pics from the event

Christmas 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

San Francisco Reception

Hawaii trip, September 2005. See also pictures I took with an underwater camera.

JMC & Erika's wedding, September 10 2005. We also have lots of professional pics from the wedding (from Fabulous Photography) that we have the rights to: Preparation (84 pics), Ceremony (47 pics), Formals (123 pics), Reception part 1 (114 pics), Reception part 2 (100 pics), and Portraits (62 pics).

JMC & Erika's (last minute) engagement party, September 2005

Trip to Midwest, August 2005

Trip to the MRC for SCOP collaboration, July 2005

Pics from Steven Brenner/Diana Yu wedding, July 10, 2005

Pics from the Mime Troupe, July 4, 2005

Mt Tam hiking, July 2005

Mirkarimi inauguration, January 2005

Christmas, 2004

Diamond Lake, 2004

Green Party National Nominating Convention, 2004

Scott and Jenny's wedding, May 29, 2004

John-Paul and Heidi's wedding, April 24, 2004

Utah trip, 2004

Green Party Plenary, San Francisco, March 2004

Christmas, 2003

Matt Gonzalez for Mayor Campaign, 2003

Washington DC trip, 2003

Green Party Plenary, San Diego, September 2003

Brenner Lab party, 2003

Indiana trip, August 2003

July 4, 2003

Green Party pictures, for easy FBI reference

Trip to Atlanta & Midwest, 2003

Mendocino county: Ukiah/Orr Hot Springs/Montgomery Woods

Christmas 2002

Japan 2002

Thanksgiving 2002

Monterey pictures

Misc. Belle Kitty pictures, Rat


Thanksgiving 2001

My Old Apartment

Japan 2001

Christmas 2001

San Francisco

Kitty Bath

Brenner Lab Dinner 2002